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The preschool years are a time of great discovery and growth. It’s when the foundations for life and a love of learning are formed.

Science for Preschoolers brings the wonderful world of science to children aged 3 to 6 in an engaging and educational way through science incursions at early learning centres.

The benefits aren’t limited to just the knowledge of scientific concepts though. Our science classes for preschoolers teach children the scientific process which may help develop a range of life skills.

These skills can help improve your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, all of which can encourage independence. Ultimately, helping your child's preparation and transition for the exciting school years ahead.

Our classes can help your child develop a range of skills such as...
logical thinking
planning and predicting
problem solving
listening and observing

Our Purpose

Is for everyone to reach their fullest potential in their lives and this starts with bringing an awareness to them through knowledge.

Our Vision

To use knowledge to encourage a love of learning that will lead to making a positive difference in this world.

Our Mission

To provide science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) educational and engaging programs to children through weekly classes, incursions and school holiday workshops with a strong focus on developing life skills including inquisitiveness and creativity, logical reasoning, planning and predicting, problem solving, teamwork and communication, listening and observation, memory and recall. We achieve this by applying the scientific process in everything we do.

Our Values

  • Passionate and Believe – we are passionate about what we do (product of our WHY) because we wholeheartedly believe in our purpose.

  • Highest Potential – we strive to reach our highest potential through knowledge, goal setting and hard work to achieve our goals and thus lead by example.

  • Self-awareness – we value the ability to be aware of our own thoughts and the effects it has on our feelings and actions. Through self-awareness we make better choices in the direction of positivity and are able to take accountability for all of our actions.

  • Scientific Process – we utilise the scientific process as a guide to help us reach our fullest potential and to promote constant innovation.

  • Respect and kindness – we respect and treat all living things equally through loving kindness. We do this by striving for empathy and working as a team with a high level of integrity.

  • Professional – we conduct ourselves with professionalism by fulfilling our goals and commitments to our fullest potential.

  • Impact – we will make a positive difference in the lives of many and to this world because we start with WHY.

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